Dexter, Michigan Tornado, March 15, 2012

These are photographs and interactive panoramic images of the damages from last night’s storm in my hometown of Dexter, MI. It missed us by about half a mile and I am so grateful. As devastating as the damage was, there were no fatalities and as far as I know, no serious injuries.



The first several still images in the photo gallery were taken last night on Second Street about an hour after the storm. There were many trees down and a lot of destruction to the local laundromat and car wash buildings. As I approached, I was sent away immediately because of a bad gas leak. We were still unable to reach the area by the car wash this morning. The rest of the images are from the Huron Farms neighborhood just behind the local Busch’s grocery store.

My heart goes out to the folks who were affected by the tornado and storm. Dexter is a wonderful town of caring people that will undoubtedly pull together and help those who need it. I watched it happen all morning.

We were lucky, but I suspect this is only the start of what will likely be an unforgettable year for weather.

I want to give a special thank you to everyone who reached out to us to make sure we were safe. It means so much to Chris and me.

The panoramic images are at the bottom and will take a few minutes to load. After they open I HIGHLY recommend that you view them fullscreen. I think it’s the closest thing to actually standing in an area that has experienced a so much destruction.








4 Responses to “Dexter, Michigan Tornado, March 15, 2012”

  1. Cecil B Demented (@CB_Demented) says:

    Some hella good pictures there m’lady. Terrible subject matter, but great photography.

  2. Jeff Powers says:

    I lived in a house on the corner of Second and Hudson when I was young. It was quite old. I hope it survived. Your photography is outstanding.

  3. Colleen says:

    thanks for the images..I have not been in the neighborhood …these convey the aftermath moe powerfully than any other Ive seen–it makes me want to learn how to do this style photography

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